EPMA Launches Its Own Blog Site

The European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) is offering a new weblog site called the Powder Metallurgy Forum (PM Forum). The blog area was created to serve as an impartial medium for interchanges among equipment makers, powder producers, suppliers to the PM industry, and end users.

Interested parties from all these groups are invited to pose questions or ideas regarding the state of the industry, its possible future, and the directions it might take at the blog.

“The EPMA is continually looking for different ways to promote powder metallurgy,” explains Andrew Almond, the association’s marketing manager. “The PM Forum was a logical choice, as it fits very succinctly with our remit and hopefully will open doors to different markets and allow new customers to realize the potential of PM.”

Almond encourages all those with an interest in PM to create postings, read them, and join in the debate at the Powder Metallurgy Forum. “This is a great way for people in the industry to pose questions and stimulate a debate over the state of the industry,” he says.

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