Dongguan china enterprise culture-Thanksgiving wall!

  There is a voice called care;There is a kind of expression is called smile;There is a feeling called moved;Look back the past,Always have a voice, an expression in casual make us warm, let us remember.
  The person who know grateful,and Honest Abe, is the richest person in the world.Thanksgiving is a good feeling,is a healthy mind,is a kind of conscience,is a kind of power.
  The world become wonderful because of love. Life become beautiful because of thanksgiving.”Thanksgiving wall”give you the chance to say thanks and express your love to he or she. Write down your thanks with sincerity and love, give the surprise to you and the people you want to thanks! Examples as follows:
1.Thanks for your company on the way to success!—–Anna
2.Thanks for the boss give me the chance to come here learn and work!—–Songmei Wang
3.Thanks for manager Deng, she gave me the promptings and encourages, let me didn’t give it up and work harder!—–Songmei Wang
4.Thanks for my parents, they take care of me for so many years;
Thanks for the company, it give me the platform to show my own talent and learn;
Thanks for my boss Mr.Liu, he always support every colleagues;
Thanks for my colleagues, you help me grow, adjust to the new environment, hope we can work together and happy!—–Fang Wen
5.Thank you, let me grow!
Thank you, let me happy!
Thank you, give me the care!
Just say thank you is not enough to discribe my mood!—–Yanping Li
6.Thanks for you give me this memories;
Thanks for your remind of my works;
Tanks for you give me this chance to work here!—–Riqing He
7.Thanks for Han Feng, she teached me a lot in SEO. Thanks for her informations and share me the good way to learn.—–Songmei Wang
8.At first, thanks for my boss Mr.liu give me the chance to work here, thanks for all my colleagues’ help in my work, let me feel our team are vigorous,positive and uplifting.  In addition, Thanks for my manager Jocely,thanks for her patient guidance let me can find out the questions and solve them, let me grow, really thanks for your company!—–Vicky
8.Thanks for the general manager and Deputy general manager’s trust;
Thanks for the colleagues’ supports and cooperate;
Thanks for the good environment let me work here very happy;
Thanks for my own growth;
Thanks for every day!—–Sharon
9.Thanks for the general manager and Deputy general manager lead me come to this energetic team;
Thanks for all my colleagues support my works;
Thanks for the girls in foreign china, they’re work really very hard and struggle for a good, beautiful success.Thanks!—–Jocelyn
10.These days worked in Jiajie,really want to say thank you for the general manager and Deputy general manager and all the colleagues cares and help.—–Chunxiao
11.Thanks for my boss give me the chance to work here, and thanks for Jocelyn,she always give me the help in my work and my life. Thanks for Vicky, she introduced me come here and work here. Thanks for all the colleagues’ company. I hope we can have a good time in work here!—–Sally
12.when I come here, I feel very happy, there not only have comfortable work environment, but also have the kind boss, the full of passion’s colleagues. when I come here I feel my life change a lot, I really like here!——Tao Jiang

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