Do you know the principle of CNC machine tools?

The operating principle of the cnc machine tool is: the computer in the CNC equipment performs a series of processing on the information recorded by the input device in the numerical and character encoding method, and then executes the machine tool spindle and feed through the servo system and the programmable controller. The mechanism announces instructions, and the main body of the machine tool follows these instructions and cooperates with the detection and response equipment to complete the various actions required for workpiece processing, such as the motion path, displacement and feed speed of the tool relative to the workpiece. Control, and then complete the processing of the workpiece.
CNC sawing machine

The machining accuracy of cnc machine tools can generally reach 0.05-0.1MM. CNC machine tools are controlled by digital signal methods. Each time the CNC equipment outputs a pulse signal, the moving parts of the machine tool move a pulse equivalent (usually 0.001MM), and the machine tool advances The average error between the reverse gap of the transmission chain and the screw pitch can be compensated by the numerical control equipment. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the numerical control machine tool is relatively high.
CNC sawing machine
After the CNC machine tool has been adjusted before processing, the program can be input and initiated, and the machine tool can actively and continuously perform processing until the processing is completed. What the operator has to do is program input, correction, parts loading and unloading, tool preparation, observation of machining conditions, inspection of parts and other tasks. The labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the labor of machine tool operators tends to be intelligent. In addition, machine tools are generally combined, which is both clean and safe.

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