Die casting surface treatment process-shot blasting

The process of zinc alloy die-casting products from die-casting parts to finished products. If the impurities on the surface of the die-casting parts, such as burrs, oxide scales, stolen goods, etc., are manually processed, the efficiency will be very low and it is also difficult to clean up. However, shot blasting can be very effective. It is good to remove the hidden burrs of zinc alloy die-casting parts, internal oxide scale, stolen goods and other impurities that are difficult to handle, and it can also effectively strengthen the surface of die-casting parts, eliminate stress, and improve the strength of the product. All the surfaces of the castings can be clean, smooth and bright.
Shot blasting is generally suitable for castings with regular casting shapes. Using a high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel, projectiles are projected at a high speed and hit the surface of the casting to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the casting. At the same time, when shot blasting hits the surface of the casting at a high speed, it causes the crystal lattice on the surface of the casting to be distorted and deformed, which increases the surface hardness of the die casting. Shot blasting can also form surface compressive stress on the surface of die castings, improve the fatigue strength of die castings, and increase the service life of the product.
Shot blasting should choose raw materials with suitable size, size, material and performance. When the speed of the shot blasting wheel is constant, the kinetic energy of the large projectile is large, which is beneficial to remove the large impurities, and the cleaning effect is very good, but the defect is that the surface quality of the die-casting part is not as good as that of the small projectile; the small projectile has a small kinetic energy. The removal of small impurities has a good effect, and the surface quality of the obtained die casting is better than the treatment effect of large shots, but the cleaning efficiency is not high. Therefore, for different zinc alloy die castings, it is very important to select shot blasting materials with suitable size, size, material and performance. For zinc alloy die-casting parts, Shenzhen Yuge Die-casting Factory will use stainless steel shots. The size of the shots is between 0.14mm and 0.3mm. The product has bright surface, fine texture, no color change, and strong corrosion resistance. Zinc alloy is added. The adhesion of the paint on the die-casting parts provides a good foundation for the follow-up processes such as baking paint and oil spraying.
Shot blasting is widely used. Shot blasting is used in most areas of machinery, such as parts of ships and automobiles, aircraft parts, surface of guns and tanks, steel structures of bridges, glass plates, pipes, etc., Shenzhen Yuge When processing a zinc alloy pipe, the die-casting plant used the shot blasting process. The processed pipe surface is clean, smooth, bright, fine-textured, strong in corrosion resistance, and has a high yield rate. The customer’s evaluation is very high. The company brought a series of follow-up orders.
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