Cryorig C7 Cu puts a hunk of copper in small spaces

Copper is an excellent material for heatsinks, but its high cost when compared to aluminum means it’s sparingly used in heatsinks and other cooling components. Cryorig’s C7 Cu CPU cooler capitalizes on the material’s higher thermal conductivity to deliver high cooling performance in compact spaces where tower coolers might otherwise not be feasible. The company says the exclusive use of copper in the C7 Cu provides 15% better thermal performance compared to its own standard copper-and-aluminum C7 model.

The heatsink has four 6-mm-wide heatpipes shuttling heat into an array of 57 copper fins. The C7 Cu and its supplied low-profile 92-mm fan measure a scant 1.8″ (4.7 cm) tall. The compact dimensions also mean that interference with memory slots should be a non-issue in most applications.

The manufacturer says the slim fan provides up to 40.5 CFM of air flow at its maximum speed of 2500 RPM. The company says the cooler is ready to cool CPUs with TDPs as high as 115 W. A set of rubber isolators separate the fan from the fin array in order to reduce noise and vibration.

The cooler assembly measures 3.8″ on each side and weighs 23.8 oz (675 g) including the fan. The C7 Cu fits all Intel LGA 115x, AMD AMx, and AMD FMsockets except for the teensy-tiny AM1. The retail box includes mounting hardware, thermal paste, and the screwdriver needed for installation. Builders can install the cooler using either the supplied fiberglass-reinforced backing plate or a set of washers.

Cryorig says the C7 Cu CPU cooler will hit shelves in Asia later this month and will storm American shores in late May or early June. The cooler will cost $50 in the US, a substantial uptick from the regular C7’s $30 sales price.

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