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When we start a new crate mould project, we want to find a suitable crate mould supplier, that can supply us high quality crate mould, help us find the best turnkey crate mould project solution. We cannot say we are the best crate mould maker in China, but we can provide you the best services in crate mould project.

We have rich experience in crate moulds including:
vegetable crate mould
bread crate mould
milk bottle crate mould
beer crate mould
coca colar crate mould
non-standard crate mould
oneway light weight crate mould
bird crate mould
foldable crate mould / collapsible crate mould

Crate mould key point:
1. Crate part should with suitable thickness.
Too light, it will affect crate strength; too heavy, it’s not easy for plastic cooling.
2. Crate mould with good and suitable material selection.
DIN 1.2738 with HRC 33-38, make sure 1 million shots for 3 yeas continuously;
DIN 1.2344 steel, make sure 3 million shots for 5 years continuously;
DIN 1.2316 stainless steel for 2 cavity and CUBE molding area for 4 cavity moulds;
P20 standard steel also used.
3. Crate mould with suitable hot runner system
Anole hot runner used can save a lot labor works, besides it can reduce injection pressure, thus prolong crate mould life. On the hot tip(nozzle), we have special filter system for recycling material application.
4. Crate mould with effective cooling system
Distance from water channel to core surface 15mm, cooling performance will be the best. Copper beryllium material used will help better cooling, we can reach 23s finish cooling.
5. Crate mould with good air venting system
To get a fine injection result, a complete air venting system is important. It includes 4 main area venting: width of venting groove, venting space between slides, inserts and plates.
6.  Crate mould for insert interchangable
We’ve made vegetable crate mould with insert interchangable for eight different vegetable crates.
7. Cavity selection and injection machine suitable for your crate mould
For example, 500*350*300mm vegetable crate mould with 1 cavity, we choose DKM 650T with 900*900mm tie bar distance.
500*350*300mm vegetable crate with 2 cavity, we choose DKM 1250T with 1250*1250mm tie bar distance.

This year we have a new project for foladble crate parts. We’re ready to sell foldable crate parts to our customers in different dimensions.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact with me.


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