Control principle of CNC machining center system

Familiar with the composition and characteristics of the cnc machining center system, the hardware structure and software structure of the Cnc Machining center system;Understand the control principle of the CNC machining center system;Understand the typical CNC system;Understand the working principle of commonly used position detecting devices such as resolvers, inductosyn, gratings, and magnetic grids, master their characteristics and applications; master interpolation examples and open-loop and closed-loop feed servo systems to understand the CNC machining center feed servo system , understanding the mechanical transmission structure of the feed system;Understand the requirements of the spindle drive, understand the spindle drive mode, master the spindle speed control method, and be familiar with the mechanical structure of the main drive;Basically familiar with the working principle of programmable controller, master the application of programmable controller.The teaching difficulty is the control principle of CNC machining center system: tool compensation, interpolation calculation
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