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The state has made great efforts to develop vocational education and promote the spirit of craftsmen. Vocational colleges also attach great importance to teacher training and school enterprise exchanges. Aiming at the characteristics of solid theoretical foundation of college teachers, Yusheng specially opens summer training classes for college teachers and students every year to systematically improve the practical ability and factory practical experience of college teachers and students.

Since 2014, teachers and students from Dongguan Institute of technology, Guangdong Foshan vocational and technical college, Henan Hebi Vocational and technical college, Guangdong Heyuan vocational and technical college, Zhejiang Jinhua Vocational and technical college, Guangdong Gaozhou vocational and technical college, Guangdong Institute of science and technology, Hangzhou Institute of science and technology, etc. have participated in the excellent summer training and achieved good training results.

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