CNC machining skills

Around us, cnc machining is a very sophisticated and complex technology. It has a very big role in the machining of CNC molds. We need to know a lot of things to know about such a technology. For those who don't know about Cnc Machining, it is difficult to grasp the degree in operation. There are often many difficulties. For better operation, we need to master certain skills. What are the main ones?CNC machining, also known as computer cymbal, CNCCH or cnc machine tool, is actually a name in Hong Kong. Later it was introduced into the Pearl River Delta of the mainland. In fact, it is a CNC milling machine. It is used in Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai as a "CNC machining center". The range is extremely wide and has advantages over other processing technologies. Important We have mastered the following techniques and can be more smoothly processed.
1. The speed of the white steel knife can not be too fast.
2. The copper work is thicker and less white steel knife, and more use of flying knife or alloy knife.
3. When the workpiece is too high, it should be layered with different lengths of knife to open.
4. After roughing with a large knife, apply a small knife to remove the remaining material to ensure that the remaining amount is the same.
5. Plane application of flat-bottom knives, less ball knives to reduce processing time.
6. When clearing the angle of the copper, first check the R size on the corner and then determine how big the ball knife is.
7. The four corners of the school plane should be flat.
8. Where the slope is an integer, apply a pitch knife, such as a pipe position.
9. Before doing each process, think about the remaining amount after the previous process is processed to avoid empty knife or excessive machining.
10. Try to take a simple path, such as shape, groove, single side, less walking and so on.
11. When going to WCUT, if you can take FINISH, don't take ROUGH.
12. When the shape is light, first coarse light, then fine light, when the workpiece is too high, first light edge, then light bottom.
13. Set tolerances reasonably to balance machining accuracy and computer calculation time. When roughing, the tolerance is set to 1/5 of the margin, and when the knife is used, the tolerance is set to 0.01.
14. Do a little more work and reduce the emptying time. Do a little more thinking and reduce the chance of error. Do a little more auxiliary line auxiliary surface to improve processing conditions.
15. Establish a sense of responsibility, carefully check each parameter to avoid rework
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