CNC machining in automobile industry

The automobile industry is a very important industry for every machine shop. We can say almost every machine shop have customers who are in the field of automobile or allied industries. Like us,we have experience in making components for  Peugeot & Citroen etc.We can see cars everyday and there are more and more cars around us.But do you know the structure of a car?It probably has about 7000 different parts.The main parts of a car are the engine located in front of the car,followed by a clutch,gear box,propeller shaft,universal joint,differential,back axle,etc. Except these,there are also radiator in front of the engine.And dynamo,horn,steering box,fan,carburettor,air filter,steering wheel,cylinder,petrol tank,rear axle,front axle,etc.These parts are produced by different materials and different process.The material maybe used of plastic,steel,aluminium etc. And process are machining,die casting,injection moulding,etc.
Lemo have good experience in cnc machining service for  automobile industry .We can reach high precision according to customer's design drawings. 
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