CNC machinery processing division of labor and quality requirements

CNC mechanical processing should wear protective equipment before work. It is forbidden to wear gloves and scarves. Before using the machine, you must know the purpose and operation method of each handle, check whether the various parts of the machine are running normally, and must clamp with the wrench before the machine starts. Tools and workpieces. CNC mechanical processing is not allowed to start the machine without the permission of the known personnel. The machine does not allow shifting, cleaning or size before the machine is started. It is not allowed to touch the running part. If foreign objects or chips are found on the machine, it is not allowed to go by hand. Take or blow with your mouth. When machining in Shenzhen, when it is found that the object is loose or the equipment is abnormal, it needs to stop immediately. After the operation, the tool should be cleaned and the working area of the machine should be cleaned. Do not place the tool, workpiece and other items on the machine table. on. CNC mechanical processing does not allow you to touch the tools, workpieces and other moving parts by hand. It is not allowed to lean on the machine to avoid other accidents. When two people operate one machine at the same time, the division of labor is clear and close cooperation. Controlling the quality of raw materials: High-quality raw materials are prerequisites for the production of high-quality products. The materials used in our company are made of 40Cr and 45 steel. No matter the route, the raw materials must pass the strict chemical composition test, grain size measurement and purity evaluation after arriving at the factory. Its purpose is to adjust the heat treatment deformation in time to improve the quality of the tooth profile processing. More than 30% of gear transmission noise comes from burrs and bumps. Some factories remove burrs and bruises before the gearbox is assembled. It is a passive practice to prepare for the organization. It should be noted that in the normalizing or quenching and tempering treatment, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the furnace evenly, and to use the station tool to uniformly heat and cool the workpiece, and it is strictly prohibited to stack them together.
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