Check the failure of the filter of the four-column hydraulic press

The function of the four-column hydraulic machine filter is to filter out impurities in the hydraulic oil, reduce system oil pollution, and ensure the normal operation of the four-column hydraulic machine. The failure of the four-column filter press is mainly due to the poor filtering effect, which cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the oil.

1. How to prevent the filter from falling particles

Four-column hydraulic presses are mostly metal powder knot filters. After falling particles enter the system, the orifice is blocked and the valve core is stuck. The reason is that the quality of the sintered powder core filter element is not good, and a combustion type oil filter that has passed the test should be selected.

2. How to prevent the filter from clogging?

In the process of general filter, the surface of the filter element will gradually recover. Blockage is normal. The blockage described here is a serious blockage of a four-column Hydraulic Press. After the filter is blocked, at least the pump oil is not good, the pump produces noise, and the system cannot absorb enough oil, but the pressure will not disappear. A large number of bubbles appear in the oil, and the pressure of the filter element may be blocked due to the increase in pressure.

3. How to prevent damage and deformation of the filter element

The reason for the failure and deformation of the filter element is: the filter element is blocked and improperly selected. Elimination method: regular inspection and regular cleaning of the oil filter, the four-column hydraulic press correctly selects a filter with pressure resistance, strength and flow capacity to meet the requirements, and takes corresponding countermeasures for various special reasons.

4. How to prevent the filter from desoldering

For the wire mesh filter, when the ambient temperature is high, the local oil temperature of the filter of the four-column hydraulic machine is too high, exceeding or close to the melting point of the welding point, and the original welding is not good. The impact of the oil will cause the welding to fall off. For example, the filter screen at the inlet of the high-pressure plunger pump has been changed to silver solder many times.

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