Chair line solution turnkey project


Do you want to set a new industry of chair manufacture? Have you met lots of questions about how to start? Let me give you the answer.
First, you need to purchase chair mould and injection molding machine and auxiliary equipments.
Generally,the Weight of chair2.3-2.5kg with material is pure PP+Talc.(calcium carbonate)
Usually, the chair shape time is 45~50s,daily manufacture chairs about 570-640 pair with 8 hours per day.
About chair standard mold ,the back has no decorative pattern,suitable injection molding machine 650Ton is enough.
But to the complex chair mould with armrest ,machine should select 780Ton.
Next is to choose auxiliary equipments : Auto loader, Cooling(Water),Crusher.
If you ‘re interested with it,pls contact me.

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