Causes of valve stuck in hydraulic press system

The reasons for the jamming of the system of the Hydraulic Press are generally as follows: hydraulic clamping caused by unbalanced radial forces, unbalanced adsorption of polar molecules in the oil, mixing of impurities in the oil, and formation of the liquid boundary layer in the gap between the valve core and the valve sleeve The additional resistance of the dry solenoid valve and the deflection of the electromagnetic push rod on the dry solenoid valve.

Slight “hydraulic clamping increases the frictional resistance when the spool moves. Seriously, it can cause the system components controlled by the universal hydraulic machine to lag and cause the hydraulic equipment to malfunction. When the hydraulic clamping resistance is greater than the spool moving force, the spool will “Hydraulic stuck, unable to move. If the movement of the hydraulic spool is driven by electromagnetic force, once the spool is “hydraulically stuck, the AC electromagnet is easily damaged.” Hydraulic clamping will accelerate the wear of the spool valve and reduce the service life of the component.

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