Causes of the load noise of the press

Causes of the load noise of the punching machine

Punch is a kind of equipment often used in the production of abrasive tools. Various failures will inevitably be avoided during the use of this equipment. One of the more common failures is compliance with noise. The reasons for the load noise of this equipment are: There are many, the main reasons are the following:

  • 1. Punching and shearing noise. The stamping process is different, and the noise is very different. Sheet blanking is more noisy than zigzag and Deep Drawing, while forming processes such as embossing, crimping, flanging, zigzag, and drawing are less noisy.
  • 2. Twisting noise. The twisting noise of similar punches is related to the plate thickness, hardness, geometry, hammering speed, die gap and other factors of the stamping parts. The noise increases with the increase of these values.

When the equipment is working, the collision impact between the punch and the sheet material and the discharge plate and the blank is greatly enhanced, and the impact sound increases with the increase of the impact speed. The collision noise and the subsequent material fracture sound can be measured separately Yes, this measurement method has been put into practice. On the same punching machine, the noise of punching thick and hard materials is louder than punching thin and soft materials. Regarding the thick ductile sheet, the impact noise is as large as the fracture noise.

The main reasons for the load noise of the press are the above two points. After we understand the above content, we must pay more attention to the later use of the equipment to avoid the appearance of noise.

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