Causes of deformation in precision metal processing and improvement measures

Precision hardware processing is to process raw materials such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, and polishing machines into various high-precision parts according to customer drawings or samples. So let’s take a look at the causes and improvement measures for the deformation of precision hardware processing.
   Reasons for deformation during precision metal processing:
   1. Internal functions lead to changes in the machining accuracy of parts. Friends who are engaged in processing technology should know that during processing, the parts are jammed by the three jaws of the machine tool to ensure the stability of the force during the processing. Over time, the chuck of the machine tool will loosen, and the stress of the parts will be reduced and deformed.
   2. Heat treatment is easy to be immortal and deformed. When processing some thin and small parts, heat treatment must be carried out first. At this time, if the technician lacks professional knowledge and cannot understand the structural performance of these parts well, the parts are easy to bend.
3. Elastic deformation of the parts caused by external forces. When processing parts, lathes and fixtures are often used. When the two are not flat, the fixed parts of the hands are not uniform enough, so the smaller the force is convenient There will be deformation.Improvement measures for deformation during precision metal processing:
   1. After the parts are naturally deformed after heat treatment, use professional cutting tools to level them to ensure the appearance requirements of the parts.
  2. In order to improve the rigidity of parts, technicians need to continuously improve their technical level, increase innovation, and choose appropriate limited heat treatment methods to change the rigidity of the parts and make the parts difficult to deform.Previous: What are the characteristics of CNC precision parts processing?Next: The dynamics characteristics for sensors.

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