Car waxing process Experts teach you the correct method of car waxing

; Car maintenance common sense: Waxing is indeed beneficial to car maintenance and maintenance, but at present, many car owners do not know the correct method of car waxing. For example, some car owners will wax the car frequently, some will not wax at all, and some The car owner believes that the correct way to wax a car is that the more expensive the car wax, the better, so they choose to use imported car wax. In fact, these car waxing methods are inappropriate. Let me introduce some correct methods of car waxing and the precautions when waxing.

①Low-quality “ordinary waxing” Ordinary waxing is also called direct waxing. More than 90% of car owners use this type of waxing. Actually, more than 90% of professional service outlets also use this method of direct waxing. The so-called direct waxing is to wash and dry the car. When the car body is at room temperature, apply the wax to the car, polish it with a soft towel, and then use a soft brush to remove the residual wax in the gap. This kind of direct waxing is more suitable for new car paint. The surface of the new car paint is smooth, free of traces and scratches, and can have an ideal level surface after waxing. The paint surface of a car that has been used for more than one year does not have the level surface of a new car. Looking at it with a microscope (tens of times), its surface is actually uneven. This incompleteness is caused by the various corrosions mentioned earlier. The paint is bright after waxing directly, but the surface is uneven, which is not conducive to waterproofing and anti-oxidation. High-quality “professional waxing” can make the surface smooth and bright, which is good for waterproofing and anti-oxidation.

②High-quality “professional waxing” There are several terms about waxing, which are introduced as follows. Brightening agent: also called brightening agent, its main function is to fill up the scratches and defects of the car paint, so that the surface layer can reach a level. The brightening agent has a high gloss and looks like waxing. Sealant: Like glazing glaze, its basic function is to fill up scratches and at the same time form a waterproof protective layer. The sealant emphasizes the ability to attach paint, that is, its “sealing” performance. The gloss of the sealant is worse than that of the glazing glaze.

a. Sealing and waxing and sealing are also called “restoration” procedures, which are to restore the car paint to its original “face”. The “restoration” referred to here is to fill up the unevenness of the scratches, not the real restoration. The reduction product can choose brightening agent or sealant (it is recommended to use at the same time), and the method is the same as waxing.

b. Waxing must be waxed after the waxing seal is restored. The brighteners and sealants have extremely low melting points, and the effect will disappear in less than an hour in the sun, so wax as soon as possible. Wax actually plays a double protective role: to protect the car paint; to protect the level of the car paint brought by the glazing glaze. Some people are “lazy”, thinking that the waxing procedure can be “omitted” and that the car is bright enough after applying the brightener. This approach is wrong. The correct method of car waxing: how to choose car wax At present, there are many kinds of car wax on the market, which are divided into solid and liquid, and the quality of car wax is also different. The performance of various car waxes is different, and their functions and effects are also different, so the correct method of car waxing must be done well. Be cautious when choosing. Improper selection will not only not protect the car body, but will change the color of the car paint.

Under normal circumstances, the correct method of car waxing is based on a comprehensive consideration of factors such as the role of car wax, the degree of newness of the car, the color of the car paint, and the driving environment. For new cars, it is easy to use color-coated wax to protect the gloss and color of the car body. In summer, it is better to choose anti-ultraviolet car wax. When the driving environment is poor, use tree wax with outstanding protection. Ordinary vehicles can choose ordinary pearl color or metallic paint series car wax, high-end cars should choose high-end car wax, otherwise it will damage the car body. Of course, the correct method of car waxing must also be considered to be compatible with the color of the car paint. Generally, dark car paints use black, red, and green series car waxes, and light-colored car paints use silver, white, and pearl series car waxes.

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