Briefly analyze how to clean the hydraulic components of a four-column hydraulic press

Briefly analyze how to clean the hydraulic components of a four-column Hydraulic Press

If the four-column hydraulic press does not install new hydraulic parts, the old hydraulic parts must be cleaned before they can be used after they are contaminated, otherwise, new hydraulic parts must be replaced. The following points should be done during the cleaning process of the four-column hydraulic press:

  • 1. The hydraulic parts must be disassembled or cleaned in a clean room that meets national standards, regardless of whether they are disassembled or cleaned. If possible, the operating room should be filled with pressure so that the indoor pressure is higher than the outdoor pressure, and the plastic Mold prevents atmospheric dust pollution. If these conditions cannot be met, the operating room must be isolated separately. Generally, the assembly room of hydraulic parts and the machining room or fitter’s room are not allowed to be in the same room, and it is absolutely forbidden to disassemble and assemble in the open air, shed, utility room or warehouse. Hydraulic parts. When disassembling hydraulic parts, the operator must wear work clothes and work caps that are not easy to fall out of fibers to prevent fibers, dust, hair, dander, etc. from falling into the hydraulic system and causing artificial pollution. Note that smoking and eating in the operation room are strictly prohibited, causing environmental pollution.
  • 2. The cleaning of the hydraulic parts of the four-column hydraulic press must be carried out on a special cleaning table. Even if there are conditions, it is necessary to ensure that the temporary work table is clean.
  • 3. During the cleaning process, the cleaning fluid is allowed to use kerosene, gasoline, and hydraulic oil of the same grade as the working oil of the hydraulic system.
  • 4. The parts after cleaning are not allowed to be wiped with cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber fabrics. This is to prevent the fallen fiber from polluting the system. Do not use leather tigers to blow air to the parts (the leather tigers contain dust particles), which will cause re-contamination. If necessary, use clean and dry compressed air to dry the parts.
  • 5. The cleaned parts should not be placed directly on the ground, cement floor, floor, fitter’s bench and assembly workbench, causing pollution, but should be placed in a container with a lid and filled with hydraulic oil.
  • 6. ​​Special attention should be paid to rust prevention in humid areas, seasons and operating environments. Parts that have been cleaned but not yet assembled should be stored in rust prevention oil.

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