Baby use bathtub

China Mould Co., ltd is professional in making all kinds of baby use bathtub mould with very high quality, high performance and fast delivery time. Sino Mould is professional in baby product mould, we are the supplier of OKBABY in Italy.

China always take everything into consideration due to the characteristic of baby’s skin. China make the baby use bathtub mould with the high polish of surface and precision parting line that would not hurt the babies. Look at the picture below:
plastic material: PP
mould material: DIN.1.2738
mould base: DME, China STANDARD MOULD BASE
cavity: single/multi, It is depend on customers’ need
runner: cold runner
hot runner: Anole, YUDO, HASCO, M-H-R, etc.
mould life: 5 million
delivery time: 50 days or faster
 Are you searching for good bathtub mould for baby use? Are you still Confuse where to find a fine bathtub mould for baby use? Please come to China mould, we are confident to make you satisfied with us.

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