Application of hydroforming with four-column hydraulic press

The hydraulic forming process of four-column Hydraulic Press has a wide range of applications in the automotive, aviation, aerospace and pipeline industries. The hydraulic forming process of the four-column hydraulic press is mainly suitable for circular, rectangular or special-shaped hollow structural parts, such as automobile exhaust, which changes along the axis of the part. Four-column hydraulic press system-shaped pipe fittings; non-circular cross-section hollow frames, such as engine brackets, instrument panel brackets, and frame (about 11% to 15% of automobile mass); four-column hydraulic press hollow shaft parts and complex pipe fittings.

  • 1. Determine the power loss and temperature rise of the four-column hydraulic press system. If the loss is large and the temperature rises, it will affect the normal operation of the system. The cause should be analyzed and measures should be taken to solve the problem.
  • 2. The four-column hydraulic press can adjust the detection force, speed and stroke, and operate reliability. If problems are found, they should be corrected.
  • 3. For the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press system, the working parameters of each working cycle and the various actions that make up the cycle, such as force, speed, acceleration, the starting and ending points of the stroke, the time of each action and the total time of the entire cycle, etc., Adjusting to the correct value enables the system to obtain a correct and reliable working cycle.
  • 4. Four-column hydraulic press operation and commissioning application text record, after approval, enter the equipment technical file, as the original technical basis for equipment maintenance, and play a very important role in the diagnosis of the cause of the four-column hydraulic press.

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