Application For Silicone Travel Toothbrush Cover Holder For Kids

Application for silicone Travel Toothbrush Cover Holder for Kids

Silicone travel toothbrush cover holder for kids is made of high quality silicone that flexible, durable, washable and soft; Protect your family's toothbrushes from germs.

The holes on cover are to release water & increase air recirculation, avoiding your toothbrushes moldy in moist conditions and keeping fresh for your every use.

Keep your brush heads hygienic and dust-free, the travel cap hygienic storage will help prevent your brush heads from exposed to germs, bacteria and dust, which for better health.

Just clip it on and stay clean and it is very easy to use. Also saving space in your purse, carry-on, or travel toiletry bag with these small cases. Working perfectly for the family or home and office, outdoor, or travel.

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