Apple pushes the official version of iOS 13.5, adding mask unlocking and new crown close contact tracing functions

On May 21, Apple officially released the official version of iOS and iPadOS 13.5 today. This time, not only have some bugs been optimized, but the biggest highlight is the addition of new functions for epidemic prevention settings.

One of the highlights of the official version of iOS 13.5 pushed this time is the addition of a mask detection function to Face ID. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, wearing a mask has become a normalized living habit. But for fruit fans who are accustomed to facial recognition unlocking, wearing a mask to unlock the phone is the most troublesome thing. If it is an Android phone that still retains the fingerprint unlocking function, some Apple phones have abolished the fingerprint unlocking function, making their own trendy become a burden. But this time, Apple made an optimization in time, so that fruit powder can be unlocked without taking off the mask. As for security, Apple says there’s only a one-in-a-million chance that someone else will be able to unlock with Face ID on an iPhone or iPad Pro. And this “mask detection” feature also works on the App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iTunes, and other apps that support logging in with Face ID.

Another highlight of the official version of iOS 13.5 pushed is the addition of the new crown contact tracing function. This function is that if the owner of an iPhone is positive after the new crown nucleic acid test and is diagnosed, and he has agreed to share his health information in the system, an anonymous warning message will be issued to the iPhone around him. This feature can alert other iPhone owners if they have had close contact with the patient. It can not only achieve early warning, but also help to trace the source of virus transmission. However, this feature is not currently available to users in China.

However, the promotion of these two functions is mainly designed for the new crown epidemic in the United States, which is still at its peak. In China, the impact of the epidemic has come to an end, and these two bright new features are at most a novelty experience, and there will not be much improvement in the actual experience.

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