Analysis on the Lag of Auto Parts Market

Taking advantage of the army’s own large demand for auto parts, guaranteed funds, and good reputation, it actively develops futures trading. This method not only helps to alleviate the contradiction between the lag in the production of parts in the market and the time limit of the procurement of military parts, and to ensure the smooth implementation of the parts plan. Moreover, accessories can be stored in the market and society, reducing military storage costs, and effectively suppressing the impact of rising prices. For the parts that consume a lot and are consumed regularly, the troops can collect supplies at different levels according to the situation, so as to obtain the price and quality advantages of intensive procurement. For the parts with small consumption and irregular consumption, the supply can be distributed at all levels to ensure the various needs of maintenance with flexibility. Give full play to the special role of the garrison representatives in the procurement of parts. The demand for parts of the whole army is relatively concentrated in the military representative offices of each automobile (parts) factory. The military representatives are responsible for the procurement of the parts of the factory.

The special position represented by the sub-juniors enables the purchase of accessories to ensure both price concessions and quality. Adopt the method of joint military and local supply, the army and the local area will organize and formulate the supply method of general military and civilian parts, and use the local auto parts supply network to implement designated procurement. On the one hand, the disorderly purchases that the troops flock to the market are integrated into the orderly purchases, and various loopholes in decentralized procurement are eliminated. On the other hand, the corresponding parts procurement quality supervision and evaluation institutions can be established at all levels of the troops. And according to the actual situation. Establish and improve the rules and regulations of parts procurement, use economic, legal and necessary administrative means to regulate the troops’ market procurement behavior, and regularly or irregularly conduct inspection, supervision and quality evaluation of purchased parts to ensure the quality of purchased parts.

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