Akamai unveils a host of new features, products and innovations with latest platform update

October 14, 2020 – Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the intelligent edge platform responsible for delivering secure digital experiences, today announced its edge computing, media delivery and security Multiple updates to the product portfolio. The move reinforces Akamai’s commitment to delivering secure, intelligent and fast digital experiences at scale for the world’s leading enterprises.

Asia is shaping the future of global digital innovation. Whether it’s e-commerce and mobile payments, or robotics and smart cities, Asia plays a leading role in developing and deploying new technologies. New enhancements to Akamai’s product portfolio will enable corporate partners to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and foster the growth of the region’s innovation ecosystem:

Akamai Intelligent Edge – Delivers significant new capabilities (including improved developer tools, APIs and developer content) to help customers build and deploy applications and functions at the edge of the Internet with Akamai EdgeWorkers.

Media Delivery – Offers a comprehensive set of content delivery improvements, namely a cloud-first connectivity solution, low-latency support for live streaming, developer-friendly APIs, and a real-user monitoring solution.

Application Security – Provides continuous auto-discovery and visualization of API endpoints and their traffic profiles, with a simple workflow to register and protect APIs from DDoS, injection, and credential stuffing attacks.

Cloud Security Web Gateway – Provides additional features that allow businesses to further secure their employees’ internet access, minimize the loss of sensitive or confidential data, and provide end-to-end security for DNS traffic.

Enhanced Enterprise Security – Provides smarter employee security controls with Enterprise Threat Protector and Enterprise Application Access solutions to help customers protect remote workforces.

Parimal Pandya, general manager of Akamai Asia Pacific and Japan, said: “Akamai continues to innovate and open the way for customers who are committed to digitally transforming their operations. We believe that the enhancements to Akamai’s product portfolio will further enable our customers to use them in a practical, efficient and secure manner. Take advantage of the business opportunities presented by the digital economy.”

  Edge computing takes its next phase

Akamai enables developers to create and modify new digital experiences through the Akamai Intelligent Edge, a massively distributed networking platform. The Akamai Intelligent Edge extension allows developers to encode dynamic content composition at the edge to support the creation of microservices that contain external requests and are capable of manipulating response bodies. As a result, customers can innovate more with less effort, deliver better performance, and be able to rapidly deliver new digital experiences across Akamai’s global network.

Akamai has also added EdgeWorkers resource consumption and performance reporting in the Akamai Control Center, and supports retrieval of this data via API calls. EdgeWorkers not only provides developers with the monitoring capabilities they need to deeply understand the performance of the applications they create, but also lets them manage CDNs through code.

Deliver great digital experiences for every user

This year’s pandemic has led to a massive increase in internet traffic and content streaming, a trend expected to continue into 2021.

To help media customers meet the challenges posed by growth in Internet traffic and content streaming, the Akamai platform has been enhanced to include many new features, such as a developer API for managing live video workflows; improvements to Akamai’s Cloud Wrapper, Minimizes origin load across multi-cloud, multi-CDN architectures; supports low-latency HLS, improving end-to-end latency and backwards compatibility for Apple’s video player ecosystem; and enhances access revocation to prevent unauthorized access Licensed video streaming. To help businesses better understand the real user experience, Akamai has also updated mPulse, a real user monitoring solution, with more than a dozen new metrics.

 Improve application security

The Akamai report shows that API traffic accounted for 83% of all traffic on the Akamai platform in 2019, and this traffic level is still growing, having achieved 30% year-over-year growth in the first half of 2020. As the attack surface shifts towards APIs, the lack of monitoring capabilities for API resources and their traffic profiles remains a challenge for security and development teams.

In this release of the Akamai platform update, Akamai provides continuous automatic discovery and monitoring of API endpoints and their traffic profiles. This empowers development, security, and operations teams with new insights and provides a simplified mechanism to register APIs and protect them from DDoS, injection, credential stuffing, and other types of attacks, all at the click of a mouse. Akamai’s new API lookup feature analyzes traffic on the Akamai platform to discover protected and unprotected APIs (including their endpoints, definitions, and characteristics), then provides a simple and easy workflow to register and secure APIs for Defend against DDoS, injection and credential stuffing attacks.

 Enhanced Cloud Security Web Gateway

The Akamai Cloud Secure Web Gateway, delivered at the edge, helps businesses transition more quickly to a new security architecture based on the principles of Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

A recent survey by TCS indicated that 67% of employees in the Asia-Pacific region are most likely to work remotely due to the outbreak. The future of work has changed, leading enterprises to find it no longer feasible to backhaul application and web traffic over a VPN to a data center with a large number of devices to apply security measures.

In response to emerging telecommuting needs in Asia Pacific, the Akamai platform has added new capabilities such as DLP, application control, and DNS over TLS (DoT) to enable businesses to further secure their employees’ internet access, minimizing sensitive or Loss of confidential data and provide end-to-end security for DNS traffic.

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