Advantages of a 5- Axis CNC machining center

The five-axis machining center has a tool magazine. On the basis of the three-axis machine tool, two rotary axes are added to machine the curved surface. The tool can be changed during the machining process. 
Generally, the degree of freedom of the cnc machine tool is vertically superimposed. Linkage, in theory, only need to install five independent subsystems. This is the hardest when the machine controller also coordinates the movement between the axes. Moreover, the more subsystems are installed, the larger the calculation amount of the numerical control system, the longer the control period will be, which directly leads to the decrease of the motion accuracy. 
Therefore, the more the number of axes, the higher the hardware computing power requirements of the numerical control system.Previous: some cnc machining centers Classification and ApplicationNext: What is 5- Axis Cnc Machining technology and How to use the 5- axis machining center ?

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