About us

Yousheng mould training school, founded in 2004, is a formal legal mould training institution invested by Dongguan Changxin (Huanji) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and approved by Dongguan Human Resources Bureau (school license: renshemin 4419164080261). Yousheng is a member of the board of directors of Dongguan Mechanical and electrical engineering society, Dongguan Mechanical and Hardware Mold Association, Dongguan Hardware and electrical chamber of Commerce, Tsinghua Boshang Alumni Association, Dakang technology company PM authorized training institution, CEAC Information Computer Education authorized certification center, mold designer and CNC milling Technician Professional Qualification Level certification training institution Dongguan Huian human resources large-scale talent market long-term cooperation training institutions.

Yousheng mold training school mainly offers eight core technology courses of “industrial product design, hardware mold design, injection mold design, CNC numerical control programming, automobile mold design, Moldflow mold flow analysis, CNC five axis programming and industrial robot”. Excellent professional complete, stable teachers, strong technology, perfect service, good reputation, can really learn technology and counterpart employment of technical strength training institutions.

Yusheng mould inherits the craftsman spirit, and has been working hard for ten years, focusing on technology and keeping up with the forefront of technology development and the needs of the factory. It has provided support to the surrounding enterprises: Shenzhen Dongjiang, Zhuhai Gree, Huizhou BYD, Shunde Kelong, Zhongshan Hengbin, Guangzhou Jiuhe, Dongguan Zhongtai, Shenzhen Changying, Dongguan Jinsheng, Chang’an Huimei, Dongguan Zhongtai, Shenzhen Huimei, etc Shenzhen huayisheng, etc. have transported a large number of mold technical talents, which have been widely recognized and praised by the society.

Our Advance

  • Brand advantages: non profit formal legal training institutions, Yousheng mold logo trademark has been registered, 15 years of school training over 10000 elites; Winning brand values: striving to win youhard youwin
  • Advantages of teachers: excellent teachers are stable, experienced, teaching quality and service are guaranteed, excellent technical strength is quite strong, strength to open automotive mold design, mold flow analysis and five axis advanced courses
  • Advantages of the course: UG + CAD and UG + PM are adopted in both design and NC programming courses; The teaching mode of double software integration, systematic and comprehensive course content and training plan; Close to actual combat, strong employment competitiveness
  • Internship advantages: mold is a very practical technology, internship is very important. The school has a number of 3-5 axis CNC machining centers, which are dedicated to students’ practice, to ensure that every student has sufficient opportunities to practice
  • Employment advantage: the school has a special car to pick up and send students to the factory for interview, free of any fees for students and enterprises; Mold industry well-known factory enterprises, almost all with the winning school to establish a talent cooperation

Technology upgrade process

  • ● 2020 Winner plans to introduce high-end five-axis systems from Siemens and Heidenhain to accept five-axis machining orders
    Yousheng fully carried out UG/PM/HM five-axis training and introduced a new generation of RTCP five-axis CNC machine tools 2019 |
  • ● In 2018, the first in the industry to offer professional training courses for large and medium-sized automotive injection mold design
    The winning venue is expanded and renovated, the hardware is updated, and the monitors are all replaced with DELL-23-inch high-definition screens 2017 |
  • ● All 2016 Winning Computers are upgraded to WIN7-64 system, and the software is upgraded to UG10.0 and PM2017 version
    Yousheng introduced 2 five-axis CNC machining centers and took the lead in the industry to carry out five-axis practical training 2015 |
  • ● In 2014, Yousheng has trained a large number of mold CNC elites and made important contributions to the development of the industry
    Yousheng releases YSUG213 and YSPM2013, which greatly improves efficiency and is widely used in the industry 2013 |
  • ● In 2012, the UG+PM software combined application mode promoted by Winner began to become the mainstream in mold manufacturers
    Yousheng introduced a 1-meter CNC machining center machine tool, software upgrade UG7.5 and PM2010 2011 |
  • ● In 2010, the winning industry took the lead in offering UG+PM dual software combination courses, leading the industry’s technology upgrade trend
    Yousheng introduced 2 CNC numerical control machine tools to undertake CNC machining business externally, facilitating trainees’ internships 2009 |
  • ● 2008 Winner released PowerMILL automatic programming free shared version plug-in-YSPM2008
    Yousheng released the free shared version of UG mold design and CNC programming plug-in-YSUG2007 2007 |
  • ● In 2006, the winning industry took the lead in launching PM7.0 CNC programming training, and in the same year, it obtained the authorization and certification of Dakang.
    Yousheng founded the China Mould Information Network www.mjzl.cn to build an industry mould technology service platform 2005 |
  • ● In 2004, the winning industry took the lead in launching UG4.0 design and programming training, creating a new era of mold technology