A Reusable Silicone Ice Cube Trays Help You Use Less Plastic

Do you still use Plastic ice cube trays?The demand of ice cube is large in every day. In Europe and America countries, people show a great preference to ice drink. And for decades, plastic trays are the most common tools for making ice cubes in all around the world.With an increasing understanding of plastics, more and more people realize that plastic products bring them convenience meanwhile do harm to nature.Expert forecast that a plastic bags can take centuries to decompose. If measures did not taken to solve this issue, our plante will be filled with plastic rubbish soon.The popular of plastic ice cube molds is partly due to it's cheap price. silicone rubber is a kind of material easy to get, so the price of silicone products is not high.More importantly, silicone ice cube tray made of food grade silicone rubber is resisting to extreme environment. Because of that, silicone products, generally speaking, have a long service life. Besides, silicone ice trays are easy to clean. So that it is needless to change it frequently.If you choose a reusable silicone ice cube tray, it will help you use less plastic. Though a person's strength is tinny, however, thousands people joining together, there will be a great change.

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