5 Silicone Kitchen Accessories Can Make Life More Easy

5 silicone Kitchen Accessories Can Make Life More EasySilicone products are becomming a great important parts of our daily life. Many silicone materiall gardgets for making life easier can be found in market. Here will introduce you 5 kitchen gardgets will make your kitchen more order, make cleaning after cooking easier.01.Silicone Kitchen Utensils Rest HolderIt is a three-dimensional designed mat with gaps which is  for holding kitchen cooking tools or tableware forks or knife.When you need to change cooking tools, put the cooking utensil in your hand which stick with oil or sauce on this silicone kitchen utensils rest holder, you can free your hand without worrying the oil and sauce on cooking tool will dirty the kitchen tabletop.Made of waterproof silicone material, stains on this utensils rest holder can be removed easily by using wet cloth or soap and warm water.
02.Silicone Cookware Handle SleeveSilicone is heat resistant and will not transform hot fastly. So silicone is very suit for making cookware handle sleeve which aims to protect your hand when cooking. Besides, some beautiful bulges on the handle sleeve surface are designed for decorating as well as increase friction.03.Silicone Vegetable Steamer PadRed color silicone mat with small round holes, it can be used as a mat for steaming food as well as a drain mat for washing vegetable.04.Silicone Dish Washing GloveFive fingers silicone gloves features in waterproof. The soft silicone bristles can blister liquid soap and remove oil and suace stain on dish easily.
05. Food Storage Silicone Stretch Bowl LidsSilicone bowl covers for storage foods have many sizes so that can suit for different sizes bowls. We use FDA certification silicone rubber to manufacture these silicone lids. They doesn't contain BPA, PVC and can be used in freezer and without worring toxic substance will leach in low temperature environment.

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