2013-10-31 13:32 CNC engraving machine market in India has great potential

2013-10-31 13:32Cnc Engraving Machine market in India has great potential

As a cnc machine , engraving machine in the Indian market potential is very large, on the one hand because of India as an emerging market countries, rapid economic development , the state and increased investment in infrastructure construction , the construction industry led to increased demand for machine tools , foam Mold engraving machine parts casting into production as too important equipment in Indian companies are also constantly being introduced , and with the Indian people’s consumption concept and aesthetics are gradually changing , more and more high-end crafts and home decoration industries have been developed , woodworking engraving machine , woodworking machining center market has been rapid development, and promote economic development in the Indian automobile and auto parts industry, the rapid development of such a huge demand for machine tools in India , became the seventh largest consumer of machine tool market . The other hand, because of India’s weak industrial base , its own machinery producers less engraving machine business is almost zero, high dependence on imported machine tools , the basic sales agents engraving machine and provide after-sales service , this model can not meet the domestic demand. Therefore engraving machine in the Indian market potential is enormous.

Jinan River CNC actively explore the Indian market in recent years , as the industry ‘s leading and largest manufacturers engraving machine production and sales , the company through keen observation and perspective , deepening the cooperation between partners in India , the Indian machine tool service personnel a foundation, trained to take on the general maintenance services, rivers, NC through this cooperation and achieved fruitful results , the company produces various types of wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, engraving machine and other foam products, sales situation hot , by the Indian customers praise and love.

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