2013-08-12 20:38 Woodworking engraving machine to improve efficiency

2013-08-12 20:38Woodworking engraving machine to improve efficiency

Currently, Cnc Engraving Machine has become the mainstream equipment, machinery manufacturing, and market demand continues to increase, in which the most widely used woodworking engraving machine. Woodworking engraving machine and CNC widely used to enhance the degree of the wood processing industry has played a positive role in promoting and facilitating, greatly improving the efficiency of production, has been increasingly favored by the door manufacturer, CNC woodworking compared with ordinary machine engraving machine, machining accuracy greatly improved, human error caused by the rejection rate was significantly reduced, while greatly reducing the labor intensity, saving labor, shorten cycle time and new product trial production cycle, to bring great economic benefits.
Most woodworking engraving machine gantry structure, adjustable feed and satisfy the limits, followed by heavy-duty steel bed, ensure the overall stability of the rail using a circular rail or square rails, stable support surface, tooth of the transmission is steady, high-speed operation to ensure long deformation does not shake, so elaborately carved wooden sculpture when you can guarantee accuracy and aesthetics, thus greatly improving the efficiency of production of wooden doors. There is a mechanized device than the artificial production of high efficiency, and low defect rate. Jinan River NC is a collection development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises CNC engraving machine, the company produced "GANGER" and "triple" brand woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, foam engraving machine, plasma cutting machine and other products, with a higher price, for many years sold abroad.

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